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Dear customers,
we are all going through unusual and trying times. Corona has impacted heavily in our daily life. Not only in daily business but the whole society.
Custom Chrome Europe is dealing with this exceptional situation as well. Part of the workforce are working from their home office, whilst others remain doing their job within the company. What’s really important for us – despite the serious situation – is to deliver our usual high standard of service and reliability. Although this is our priority, we may come up against limitations, forced upon us at short notice, due to the current health situation.
You will still be able to reach us on all of our usual phone numbers and emails. If a colleague is in their home office, the call will be redirected to them.  Our shipment partners have assured us that the delivery of goods will continue as usual. 
Please let us know if you are temporarily closed or would like to postpone your order. If necessary, we can wait to deliver your goods.
It’s not easy to keep normality in such difficult times. In our case, we will continue exactly like normal: If you have any questions regarding parts and products, one of our sales team will be happy to advise. If there are technical problems, our customer service will also be available to help, and our logistic department will take care that all goods will leave our warehouse on time.
Be safe and stay healthy!