Don‘t mess around with this Ride! What looks like a comfort Bagger with touring abilities is in reality a Powerbike that may as well kick your ass on the next Dragstrip! Thunderbike assembled this Torque-Monster based on a fuel-injected 2004 „Road King“ using the  S&S 124 Cubic Inch Hot Setup Kit. With breathtaking result: The first test rides to dial in the engine already showed the potential, but only when the engine passed the 1.000 km mark on the way to Euro Bike Fest in Czech Republic, the power- output could be used to its full extend. And it is massive! As a touring bike, the „Speed King“ does really deliver: Forget shifting, you have power at each rev-position and under any road condition. Just twist the throttle and there is only one way: Fast forward!


FLHRSI Road King



Costruita da

Thunderbike, Hamminkeln


4 mesi (2011/12)

Nome Moto



Ingo Kruse, Kruse Design