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The Sky is the limit!
Punta Bagna 10th Anniversary: High times in the French Alps!
June 28th - 30th, Valloire, France

If you have ever ridden the French "Route des Alps", you certainly have experienced outstanding panoramic views, extreme roads and the incredible loneliness of some passes that line the map between Grenoble, Nice and Provence. Some of the highest points reachable by motorcycle in Europe can be found here – and it is a great riding experience, no matter what bike you are travelling on. Punta Bagna is somewhat the "icing on the cake".  This event can serve as the jump-off point for a great trip – and a party you will remember!

It is one of the most "elevated" custom-bike events in Europe, if not the world – and it's running in its 10th year, getting more popular every year. At a height of 2.000 m above sea level, Punta Bagna is a great escape from the heat and held (just!) outside the French holiday season. Located in the French Savoie region, numerous pass roads, many of which are famous for being part of the "Tour de France" bicycle race. The roads that lead to the event are as much an adventure as the event itself, situated in a modern state-of-the-art ski resort, which in June may or may not have snow around. With the Italian border literally "over the hill", many Italian customizers are sometimes situated closer to the event than most of their French friends. Custom Chrome Europe has been a "Punta Bagna" partner for some time – and this year´s CCE presence included the premiere of CCE's brand-new "Rhön-Racer" Indian Scout and riding the already introduced "Bratster" into the passes around Valloire. US customizers Matt Harris and Bill Dodge, both dedicated riders, attended this year’s event, adding some "international" touch to the show.

When the Custom Chrome Europe France team meet the HQ staff, it's always more than "business as usual" – and when Italian customizers from PDF are involved, you never know when this is ending. Likely, very early in the morning! Here's a few impressions of Punta Bagna's 10th Anniversary Edition, through the lens of the CCE staff!