A Dyna as Chopper? Sounds like an apparent contradiction but is rather logical: Why having the riders body tortured by a vibrating rigid-mounted motor, when you can have more comfort in your long-fork ride? OK, Chopper riders like it "hardcore", but they get older too – and it was Mainhattan's challenge to test the concept. Since the year 2016 Twin Cam motor has been technological sound, there is more than enough power to drive a Chopper-style custombike – Diag4Tune Software optimizes power and torque curves for the everyday ride. Inspired by the classic cam cover of the 1941 introduced 1200er FL "Knucklehead", the CCE-developed Xzotic "Generator Style Cam Cover" is a cool looking "Retro-Style" custompart, perfectly complemented by TTS "Knuckle" Rocker Covers, which are not a copy but rather a homage to the original Knucklehead. BSL Hot Shot “Shotgun Baker Straight” delivers the fitting "Soundtrack" for the ride. Allow a short glance on the accessories, such as Biltwell “Murdock” Riser, Chopper Kings “Narrow Ape” handlebar, Kustom-Tech Classic Line controls featuring Biltwell "Recoil" grips and Rick's Motorcycles established Dyna forward controls. Modification of a Mustang tank by welding in Custom RR base plate to mount a Sportster fuel pump ain't easy, but Mainhattan carefully adapted every detail: Biltwell Champion seat, CCE front fender for „Deuce“ models and the short „Fat Bob“ tail fender by Easyriders Japan. On display, these components attract more attention than the real "core" of this rolling chassis modification: The TÜV-approved Ritz Fork Conversion Kit that grants the long-legged Chopper look.


FXDB Street Bob



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Mainhatten V2 Choppers


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