CCE History

Wholesale trade since 1984. The young company became known on the market by the sales of Gold Wing Accessories.
Due to a strong demand, only accessories for the “Legend of Milwaukee” were sold soon.

1986Move to a 400 m² building in Bad Kreuznach

1987Major breakthrough with the first 118 pages catalog

1989Move to a new building. The dealer network was expanded.

1990In addition to the German market, the foreign market was also launched with authorized dealers and
sales representatives all over Europe.

1993The company went “on tour” as the first European wholesaler in the Harley-Davidson aftermarket business
with the unique US-Promotion-Truck.

1997In January the official takeover by Custom Chrome Inc. took place, the largest wholesale company for
Harley-Davidson accessories with the headquarter in Morgan Hill, California.

1998In April a new milestone was set by the publication of the first Custom Chrome Europe catalog and the
new naming. From now on, more than 20,000 parts and accessories had been offered.

1998In December move to a 5,000 m² building. The new catalog for the business year 1999 consists of more
than 24,000 parts. Purchasing sources around the globe and contracts with leading U.S. manufacturers
are responsible for the attractive and high-quality product range. The business philosophy guarantees
best service, high quality and unbeatable delivery times.

2002The catalog was then available in 4 languages and included exactly 1,232 pages. The number of employees
including seasonal workers increased up to 80.

2003 - 2006Custom Chrome Europe on tour went to Ibiza Bike Week with Custombikes of its own promotion bike
pool and a new show truck. The own Dealer Show turned out to be a formative and determinative event
for the biker scene in Europe. During these years the brand Motorcycle Stuff belonging to the mother
company was introduced in Europe in order to provide the “metric market” with spare parts and accessories.
2006 Custom Chrome Europe cancelled this undertaking and focused exclusively on the Harley-
market again as it is the main competence of the company consisting of Harley enthusiastic employees.

2004For the first time the cover of the 2004 catalog did not show a US-motive but a bike of Custom Chrome
Europe called “Wotan”.

2007In the years of 2005 – 2007 the homologation of several Custom Chrome Motorcycles, RevTech motor
series and uncountable TÜV-certificates for accessories characterized the program of Custom Chrome
Europe. In addition to the already existing sales offices in Spain, France and Italy new ones were established
in the UK and Slovakia. The catalog was also published in Spanish for the first time and thus
available in 5 languages. The era of Show-Truck came to an end and the new flexible Expo Dome was

2008For the first time the 2008 catalog was published completely in hardcover. Extension of homologation
for Custom Chrome Motorcycles. The 10-years anniversary of the Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show
including the European Championship of Custom Bike Building has become the top event in the biker´s

2009The Dealer Show in Mainz was again a great success. A Sportster, a Street Bob, a Road King and a
Softail that had been built on own performance with a lot of new inhouse parts formed the basis for the
Bolt-On-And-Ride idea. With these bikes the first BOAR Tour was started from the Superrally in Finland.
From there, it led to the Gulf of Bothnia to the Arctic Circle in Sweden and then to Norrtälje, the oldest
bike show in Europe, organized by the local Twin Club.

201040 years Custom Chrome have marked the appearance of Custom Chrome Europe. Anniversary bikes
were built and presented on important events. Complete Kitbikes were rather in decline and accessories
as main competence were focused again. The Dealer Show is highlighted by a major exhibition presenting
the history of Custom Chrome and Custom Chrome Europe. The CCE Dealer Party on Saturday
evening was legendary! For the last time the European Championship of Custom Bike Building was carried
out in cooperation with an English magazine.

2011The year started with the slogan ´We are Custom Chrome´ and for the first time Custom Chrome Europe
performed the CCIBSS European Championship independently at the Dealer Show. More professional,
more beautiful and bigger than ever, the Bike Show was celebrated in the European press and by the
CCE dealerships. A new large exhibition concept with 160 m² of exhibition space and enormous catalog
display characterized the appearance on indoor events in Europe.


Custom Chrome Europe started the season with 5 new BOAR Promotion Bikes, built by CCE dealerships. Press and dealers reacted enthusiastically to those ´rolling displays´. The old rented company building caused headaches, too many nooks and crannies, too small due to the constant growing portfolio, long distances and poor connections required the search for an alternative.

2013The alternative to the existing building is found and in the middle of the year the construction of an ultra-modern logistics and attractive administration building will start. The old BOAR Bikes of last year are exchanged by new beauties and the season starts successfully despite the cold and rainy spring. The professional CCE Dealerstore replaces the Webshop and thus simplifies the ordering process in 24 hours in 7 days.   

2014End of March move to the new state-of-the-art building in Grolsheim. The warehouse capacity has doubled and logistics have been improved to guarantee still faster and better service. Also the administration has been extended to a 3-storey building. The catalog includes 30,000 parts on 1,500 pages.



Nowadays Custom Chrome Europe is the leading company in Europe´s accessories business for Harley-Davidsons and Custombikes.