In 2015, the „Harley Factory“ Frankfurt was comissioned to complete the first ever „Bolt On And Ride“ FLTRXS and managed to finish the outstanding Bagger for a 2015 MOTORBIKE EXPO premiere date! Alex Sluyter took great care and detail into converting the stock bike into a show-stopping eye-catching Bagger that remains ridable and was, without doubt, one of the most used „Bolt On And Ride“ Bikes of the 2015 season! Complete Rick‘s tail end, side covers and bags, Arlen Ness „deep cut“ style fork exchange parts and accessories and fitting Kuryakyn accessories like the floorboards add to the look of the bike, but the massive 26-Inch „T5“ RevTech front wheel is the focal point on this „Supertourer“.


FLTRXS Road Glide



Creada por

Harley-Factory Frankfurt


6 semana (2014/15)

Nombre de la moto



Bernhard Richter, Fany Air Brush