ACTIA presents the Multi-Dongle

With the DIAG4BIKE system, ACTIA offers a powerful tool for the diagnosis and tuning of motorbikes, especially for Harley-Davidson and Indian. For each motorbike, a Tuning Dongle was used which included a licence. The tuning dongle is a USB stick that was ordered from Custom Chrome Europe and delivered to your door. But this tuning dongle expires at the end of the year. From now on, the new Multi-Dongle can be purchased. The new Multi-Dongle is a master key to unlimited tuning licenses for each motorbike. New tuning licences are purchased separately, directly via the DIAG4BIKE software and activated online. The tuning licence and all settings and calibrations are stored on the DIAG4BIKE server so are automatically protected against loss.

How to purchase of tuning licence?

Connect the Multi-Dongle to the computer, the same as the old Tuning Dongle. Click on "Buy License" in the DIAG4BIKE software. The user is automatically redirected to the Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Store, where he can purchase the licence (or multiple licences). The licence is then activated by Custom Chrome Europe at ACTIA and is then available in the DIAG4BIKE software.


  •        Tuning of Harley-Davidson and Indian motorbikes, other brands at a later date.
  •        Unlimited number of tuning licences per multi-dongle
  •      Reads original calibrations and are stored online on DAIG4BIKE server
  •        DIAG4BIKE tuning calibrations are also available on the DIAG4BIKE server
  •         No risk of data loss due to computer crash
  •        Access to the data via registered Multi-Dongle
  •        Calibrations created by the user can be downloaded on to operators device.
Harley-Davidson and Indian Tuning Multi-Dongle

Fits: H-D Modelle 06-21, Indian Models (except FTR) 14-20

Art.-No.: 921209
in stock
Harley-Davidson Tuning License

Fits: 06-20 Sportster, 06-17 Dyna, 06-21 Softail, 06-21 Touring, 09-21 Trike, 06-17 V-Rod

Art.-No.: 921210
in stock
Indian Tuning License

Fits: 15-20 Chieftain, 16-20 Chieftain Dark Horse, 16-20 Springfield, 17-18 Chieftain Limited & Elite, 18-20 Chieftain Classic, 18-20...

Art.-No.: 921211
in stock