How advanced and sophisticated this CC 50th Anniversary Custom really is becomes obvious when thinking back twenty, ten or only five years: Who would have believed that a dual air suspended rolling chassis would become an almost “Bolt-On” option, ready to be mounted at any stock Softail Harley? Renowned German customparts and –bike manufacturer Thunderbike had already built an impressive number of custombikes for CCE’s successful “Bolt On And Ride” bike lineup, so they were the logical choice for this challenging job! With Arlen Ness, Performance Machine, BSL, Legend and CCE‘s own Santee and RevTech brands in the birthday packet, experienced traditional manufacturers merge some of their finest parts in a high class tribute custombike to celebrate 50 years of customizing excellence and creativity. Only when you hear the aircompressors running and see the bike lifted from „show parking“ to impressive riding height you will realise how much technology has advanced – and yet how easy and ridable customizing has become!


FXBB Street Bob




Thunderbike, Hamminkeln


1 month (2020)


Custom Chrome 50th Anniversary Custom


Ingo Kruse, Kruse Design