If you search for the definition of „Brat“ you come to quite a variety of interpretations, most of which describe an annoying, impolite, ill-mannered, spoiled child, basically a kid that can‘t behave and doesn‘t care about what you tell it, be it female or male, albeit in most cases the term is applied to males. Custom Chrome Europe reached out to German Custom-Specialist Deathfield Choppers – and the close to Bonn-based team worked their way around a stock XL 1200 Custom Sportster to create a rolling „Brat“ on two wheels. Including many parts of Japanese origin. The trademark „Brat Style“ lowering of the seat height, is done by the popular „Slammer“ kits at Burly Brand. These kits include lowering solutions for both front and rear and have the benefit that you mount a complete system, which has already been adjusted to perform in harmony. The Custom Chrome Europe BOAR history has seen „knuckled“ Twin Cams as well as Sportsters with Panhead rocker covers. French manufacturer EMD is responsible for a complete styling review of the modern Sportster motor, using the Shovelhead styled rocker covers. Special on this BOAR custom is EMD‘s „Electric Kickstarter“: It is a new idea, it is funny and it´s a cool „gimmick“ that adds a new twist to traditional looks. It looks like a real kick-starter, but it is a change from any conventional operated kicker. As a matter of fact: It is possible to „kickstart“ this Harley by hand – if you dare to.


XL 1200 C




Deathfield Choppers, Meckenheim


6 weeks (2019)




Katharina von der Eiche Works