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Ten times high in the French Alps: Punta Bagna 2019
CCE's new "Bolt On And Ride" bikes hit the high roads!

28.-30.6.2019, Punta Bagna Valloire/France

The tenth Anniversary of a great event, high up in the French Alps near Grenoble: Punta Bagna is rockin' and rollin' this week with custombikes and cool riders. Known as a winter ski resort and one of the toughest passes the „Tour de France” has to offer, the Punta Bagna meeting at Valloire offers extreme riding opportunities in an extreme landscape. And should be part of a greater tour of some of the most scenic pass roads in Europe! From June 28th to 30th, Harley-Riders from all over Europe, but especially from France, Italy and Switzerland, will rumble to Europe’s highest custom bike event! The new CCE “Bolt On and Ride” bikes of 2019 will be present – and riding the scenic roads of the alpine valleys. With the French CCE sales reps will CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz and Simone Willem of CCE’s European headquarter attend Punta Bagna, no doubt in the saddle of the new "Bratster" of Deathfield Choppers and another cool BOAR bike.