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Ride your Easter Tour with Custom Chrome Europe! 
Sideroads into history along the Rhine between Bingen and Cologne!

Planning a trip for Easter Weekend? The Custom Chrome Europe team may just have an interesting option for your extended weekend: In 2018, Custom Chrome Europe celebrated the 10th riding season of the theme and slogan that has somewhat revolutionized the European custom scene: „Bolt On And Ride“. In August, the CCE staff, partially on their own bikes or using the already finished BOAR bikes, toured from Grolsheim to Bonn, followed two weeks later by the „Kustom Life Run“ that ran from Switzerland to Berlin, with CCE leading the group from Grolsheim to Cologne. At the time of the tour, none of  the participants knew what roads they had travelled and what had happened there, sometimes decades, sometimes 12.000 years ago. You can follow the tracks of both tours and create your own – and more intense experience – by checking out these touring tips. The story is or will be published in many magazines, but this is the "full version". Believe us: You will look at many points along the route through Rhine, Mosel, and Eifel with different eyes! 

The full version of the tour, including "road map" is available here.