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Time for a change: Rick's "Good Guys II" Air Filter

The M8 generation rides on – but we do not forget the Twin Cams!

Developed and manufactured by Rick's Motorcycles in Baden-Baden, these state-of-the-art air filters represent the latest in style and performance – ready to be exchanged for the stock air filters on the latest Harley-models, but also available for many Twin Cam powered Big Twins. Not just a great choice for the Milwaukee-Eight powered Softails, but also fitting 1999-2017 Dyna's, 2007-2019 Sportsters, 2008-2017 Touring models and the new tourers too! A modular design uses the latest filter technology by K&N, the accompanying covers are sold separately, allowing to choose between seven cool styles available. You don't have to change the complete air filter if you want to change the look of your bike – the cover will do nicely!

The filter bodies are CNC-machined from high grade billet aluminum, covers too. Technological refined: An integrated engine ventilation system leads the oil back into the intake passage, preventing uncontrolled oil leakage from the air cleaner body, thus keeping engine and rider "clean". A great air filter for your ride, improving both look and performance!

For further questions contact your local Custom Chrome Europe dealer, check the dealer-locator here.

Choose your basic air cleaner fitment - select the style of the air cleaner cover and combine both.

Ricks Motorcycles
Air Cleaner Assembly Kit, Good Guys 2

Fits: 17-19 Touring

Art. Nr.: 901737
Noch 3 verfügbar!
Ricks Motorcycles
Air Cleaner Assembly Kit, Good Guys 2

Fits: 19 Softail, 18 FLSL, 18 FXBR, 18 FLDE, 18 FLFB, 18 FLHC, 18 FXFB, 18 FXLR, 18 FXBB, 18 FLSB For 107 cui engines.

Art. Nr.: 901735
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Ricks Motorcycles
Air Cleaner Assembly Kit, Good Guys 2

Fits: 18-19 FXBRS 114, 18 FXBRS 114 ANX, 18-19 FLFBS 114, 18 FLFBS 114 ANX, 18 FLFBS 114 ANV, 18 FXFBS 114, 19 FLHC 114, 19 FXFB 114 For 114...

Art. Nr.: 901736
Noch 2 verfügbar!
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