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Ladies, start your Engines: Electric Kickstarter Kit by EMD!

Custom Chrome Europe 2019 Sportster Retro-Customizing running wild!  

Imagine you can kickstart your Sportster with the tip of your finger. Impossible? Not really! The EMD "Department of Tricks & Kicks" has developed just the right product for you: EMD's e-Kick "Electric Kickstarter". The French "Old School" specialists have re-invented a modern version of the classic kickstart-procedure for all 5-speed Sportster models from 1991-2003, 2004-2017 and also adaptable for 4-speed Evo-Sportsters of 1986-1990 origin. Just as a reminder: Harley-Davidson discontinued any kick-starter on the Sportster with the 1980 model year already. 

The e-Kick's wiring connects to the starter relays, the kick-starter does not operate the gear shaft – only an internal switch is operated by a cam, which in turn activates stock relays and starter motor as a push on the stock button would do. As a matter of fact: It is possible to "kickstart" this Harley by hand – if you dare to. For once, the problem is not the force of the lever but what might be forced upon you in terms of mockery and scorn. Yep – we can hear the screams "Faaake!" from here now – but so be it. 

The CCE team will receive the full force of this discussion, as it will ride "Bratster" into many events – and with this setup, there is no other way to start the bike than with the "electric kick". As a "pro e-kick" argument: During the last decades, we have seen quite a number of unusual variation of the "starter button theme”: Hidden starter buttons on coil brackets or hidden somewhere around the engine in the bodywork, direct activating buttons at the starter, always fun when the pipes are hot or the little lever-assemblies that mount to the inner primary housing.

It is a new idea, it is funny and it is a cool "gimmick" that adds a new twist to traditional looks. Custom Chrome Europe will test the assembly on the new "Bratster" Bolt On And Ride Sportster by "Deathfield Choppers" and follow the response of the users – especially the not unlikely option that somebody might take the kicker-pedal for real and force it down with the expectation of a 9.7:1  compressed 1200 cc displacement rather than just a spiral spring. This might prove more dangerous than getting mocking looks when "e-kicking" what in effect is a reliable and safe starting procedure, especially if compared with some of the above-mentioned custom solutions. Foot-operating the starter button might not be such a bad idea after all? And just to state it – it's not just a part for the ladies!

e-Kick Electric Sportster 1991/2003, Raw

Fits: XL 91-03

Art. Nr.: 889007
Noch 2 verfügbar!