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Custom Chrome Europe "Chicano Style" Road King conversion:
"El Gallito" by Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg Village rides!

"Chicano Style", that's pure "Mexican style" with giant apehanger handlebars, exhaust systems twice as long as the bike (and usually LAF!) and awesome glittering paint jobs that require sunglasses to watch. There are some bikes already rolling around in Europe, but pretty soon, the "Sons of Anarchy" offspring "The Mayans" will hit European TV screens, making this style more prominent. Handed over at Bike and Music Weekend 2019 by Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg's Christoph Repp, CCE's latest addition to the "Bolt On And Ride" bikes is a "mexicanized" 2019 Road King in moderate "Chicano style": Wild 1 "Psycho Chubby" 20-Inch Apehanger handlebar, the latest Ness "angled bags" for Milwaukee Eight powered bikes, Le Pera Silhouette Custom "Mexican Blanket Seat" for Arlen Ness stretch tank and the latest in super-clean and minimized indicator technology by Fred Kodlin and Cult Werk who integrated minimized indicator/taillight LED into their latest fender creation. With the adaption of an outstanding number of parts for the new M8 powered models, the CCE catalogue is offering a lot of "Chicano Style" elements. This first glimpse does not represent the final version of this cool rider, as it will be equipped with more accessories as the bike rides into the summer season!