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Brake Performance: Galfer brake rotors
Moto-GP quality discs for stock & custom V-Twins – style and performance included!

One of the leading brake innovators on the planet, renowned Spanish brake manufacturer Galfer is offering a wide variety of brake components for all types of vehicles, many of which are "cutting edge" in their field. Especially for the motorcycle and custombike market, the outstanding "Wave" rotors are popular with builders and riders, since they combine exotic eye-catching design with superior brake performance. The Custom Chrome Europe team has extracted the complete Galfer line-up of brake discs relevant for Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory motorcycles, now listed in reference tables occupying four pages in CCE's #48 catalogue section 13. 
No matter if you ride a 1981 FXWG "Wide Glide" Shovelhead, a 2016 Victory "Gunner", the first 2002 V-Rod, any Indian or Harley's new Milwaukee Eight powered models – here you will find the fitting brake discs – front and rear! 

In terms of style and rotor design the Galfer brake disc rotors for V-Twins can be categorized in four types: 

- Disc Wave DF V Brake Rotor – round cut and fixed mounted discs   

- Disc Wave DF W Brake Rotor - Laser cut "wave" designs and fixed mounted discs

- Disc Wave DF FLV Brake Rotor - round cut, floating mounted, outer discs with different star-designs

- Disc Wave DF Floating Wave Brake Rotor - Laser cut "wave" design, floating mounted, outer discs with different star-designs

All Galfer discs share the same manufacturing technology: Laser cut, stainless steel and high carbon content. They are direct replacement parts that do not require brackets or any extra parts, it bolts just like a stock disc would. Benefits for the rider include: 

• Lower weight of the unsprung masses
• More braking power
• Better heat dissipation
• Excellent resistance to corrosion
• Less tendency to warp

All factors that add up to a safer and better ride for your stock or custom bike!

For further questions, contact your local Custom Chrome Europe dealer, check the dealer-locator.

Brake Disc, Front Fix

Fits: 00-13 Sportster, 00-09 Dyna, 00-14 Softail, 00-07 Touring

Art. Nr.: 899921
Ware auf Lager
Brake Disc, Front Fix Wave

Fits: 02-05 V-Rod

Art. Nr.: 899929
Noch 2 verfügbar!
Brake Disc, Rear Fix Wave

Fits: 00-10 Sportster, 00-17 Dyna, 00-17 Softail, 00-07 Touring

Art. Nr.: 899942
Noch 2 verfügbar!
Brake Disc, Rear Floated

Fits: 06-17 V-Rod

Art. Nr.: 899945
Noch 2 verfügbar!
Brake Disc, Rear Floated Wave

Fits: 11-18 Sportster, 12-17 Dyna, 12-17 Softail, 08-18 Touring, 16-17 Street

Art. Nr.: 899949
Noch 1 verfügbar!
Brake Disc, Front, Rear Floated Wave, Black Carrier

Fits: 12-14, 16-17 Chief Dark Horse, 12-17 Chief Classic, 12-17 Chief Vintage, 15-17 Chieftain, 16-17 Chieftain Dark Horse, 16-17 Springfield, 09-12, 16-17 Hammer S, 09-11 Hammer, 09, 11-12, 16-17 Vegas, 10-16 Hammer 8 Ball, 15-17 Gunner, 15-17 High...

Art. Nr.: 990229
Noch 2 verfügbar!