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Bolt On And Ride history: Get "Sporty Spice" 
A visit at Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg Village: New Projects and a legendary 2017 "Bolt On And Ride" bike for sale ...

Saturday, April 6th, saw many Open Houses by Harley-Davidson dealers all over Germany, including several CCE partners and – in case of Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg Village – "Bolt On And Ride" bike builders. Christoph "Chicken" Repp's shop, situated in a small town just outside Wuerzburg is one of the most active in Germany – so this year´s Open House saw some bike premieres, news on secret projects and also CCE-partner and exhaust manufacturer Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde presenting their products. 
Too late for the 2019 Custom Kings competition for which it was originally planned, but HD Wuerzburg's 2019 FXDR had to wait for the dealerships client’s bikes, which had to be finished for the season. All custom parts of the 114 FXDR are handmade from metal – as to be expected from the Franconian Custom-specialist. "If the demand is there, we may produce a limited edition of our FXDR parts", says Repp, who was the first HD-dealer to introduce a customized new M8 Softail only days after the introduction of the new model in Faak 2017, winning the passionate Dealer an invitation to Motor Bike Expo at CCE´s Bike Show. Another passionate project will see Harley-Davidson Wuerzburg Village hit the news big time: Currently under construction is a special custombike which later this year will be signed by acting Pope Franziscus at the Vatican and then ridden from Wuerzburg via Altoetting - Vienna – Padua to Rome and donated for a good cause! Accompanied by the "Jesus Bikers" the trip will be documented and filmed to create attention for the charity ride and the subsequently auction of the bike to support 3rd world projects. 
The visit was also a "dejá vu" with one of CCE's hottest "Bolt On And Ride" Sportsters, now for sale at its builder HD-Wuerzburg: Sporty Spice was built for the 2017 season and stared in CCE's "At Night" music video clip. The parts used in Sporty Spice and the accompanying bike feature can still be found on Based on a 2017 Sportster 883 Iron, Sporty Spice was a superb rider and very popular with the CCE Team too! Don't miss the chance to get this great Cross Over Sportster that will ride both on and off the road.